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Welcome To The Lokha Catering Services

The Lokha catering Services was established in 2005 with the main objective to provide the best service and to become a partner in party organization. With experience in the field of food service for more than 7 years, our service is supported by professional personnel, high quality products as well as a star–hotel–level service. We present selections of national and international menus in various themes of party in unique formula and appearance in accordance with your exclusive taste. Selection of raw materials that prioritizes quality from purchase until processing of products is made in order to provide the best service, all done in accordance with the main concept of The Lokha Catering Services, namely "fresh food", "hygiene" and "sanitation". The combination of taste and special appearance is our service standard. Innovation of taste is the characteristic of The Lokha catering so that any type of party you choose will become a good memory for those who attend it.