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About Us

We are a dynamic catering company that provide food, beverage and excellent service at affordable prices .We caterer for all style wedding , events in formal party or casual party. We guarantee to bring food and beverage of the high standard and promise you will be more than satisfaction. The lokha catering will lend our expertise to reflect a colour scheme, historic period or cultural component. Indulge your fantasy of a fairly theme party, complete with cupcakes, or take on your special themes and will create the menus to the match. The lokha catering is a services from our company to fulfill the interest of market in order to make a pleasant day of special moments in bali. The services are really planed and prepared in various way for the best satisfaction. Luxury menu are prepared from canapé, set menu,BBQ Buffet,Rijtafel menu,cocktail menu and beverage packages that will handle with experience and dedicable passionate. Reliable and reachable price of the package is one of the metter that we offer for our customers.The lokha catering is manage by The Lokha Legian Resort & Spa.